4.1 - Diplomacy

There are 3 possible diplomatic relationship types between players: Peace, War and Alliance.

War is the default relationship - after all, we're here to kick each other's butt, right? When you're in war, you can freely attack your opponent and cannot pass through his troops or defence lines without attacking them.

Peace means you cannot attack without declaring war first - which takes one turn. This gives you some protection against sudden backstabbing. You can freely pass through troops and defence lines.

Alliance offers twice more protection against backstabbing - since it takes 2 turns to change to War. While in alliance, you can send money to each other and see all each other's troops, even those beyond your visibility range. It's also possible to pass empty cities between allies. You can also achieve joint victory, if all opponents have been defeated and only allied players are left. This can also be a way to 'draw' the game.

Changing diplomatic relationship
Open the Players menu and click on some player. A panel would expand, with diplomacy options. Changing relationship to Peace (from War) or to Alliance requires the other player's confirmation. Once the next turn starts, he can either confirm or reject the change.

4.2 - Units

There are 3 kinds of units: land, naval and air. Each unit has its own assigned unit role and specific purpose - designed to be used in offence, or defence, or transportation.

For example, Infantry is 'Ground Main Defence', Submarine is 'Naval Stealth', Spy plane is 'Air Support', etc. These roles are always the same across all the maps, so your upgrades and strategies will affect units on custom maps as well. In addition, there are 'Rare' units (only appear randomly when a city is conquered) and 'Other' role (whatever map creator wishes them to be).

Stealth units are completely invisible to the enemy, until they are detected or participate in a battle. After a battle, put them in one of your cities to make them invisible again.

Transport units can be used to transport troops by land, sea or air.

Some units also have an added bonus when defending in a city or defence line (Infantry, Marines), or defending against a certain unit:
Marines against Infantry
Destroyers and Submarines against Bombers
Submarines against Infantry and Destroyers

Detailed information on units is available in the in-game Units menu and on the Units and Strategies page.

4.3 - Generals / commanders

We decided to put YOU into the game as a General, personally commanding your armies. After a few upgrades (first starting with just 50 SP), General will provide bonus stats to all/certain units in his stack.

You can personalize your General by uploading a custom icon. Go to the Edit profile page, it's right next to the avatar upload.

There are also several rare commanders (similarly giving boost to their stack units), as well as special rare units specializing in assassinating commanders.

Generals are only available to Premium members.

4.4 - Upgrades

You can purchase permanent upgrades in the lobby, using your earned SP. This can unlock additional units or Strategy, or make a small improvement for your current units.

In the list you only see the upgrades you can afford at the moment, plus the required SP for the next cheapest upgrade.

You can see your purchased upgrades in the 'My upgrades' tab in the lobby and in the 'Game' menu when playing.

4.5 - Strategies

Strategies give you a small advantage in some area, while reducing some aspects of other areas. For example, Relentless Attack makes your Tanks faster and more powerful, but also makes your Infantry weaker.

Strategy can be selected in the Lobby or during country selection. More Strategies can be acquired through Upgrades.

4.6 - Stealth detection

Stealth units can be detected if they come within enemy's detection range. Detection is only performed in the beginning of a turn, and discovered stealthy units are announced in the Events menu.

Click on the 'show visibility range' button under the minimap to see your detection range (which is different for land/naval/air units. Detection range is directly proportional to unit's visibility range and also depends on that unit's type.

4.7 - Rare units

You have a chance to find rare units in captured cities - these range from slightly different types of Tanks to nuclear missiles. Some are more common than others, some can only be found in certain countries. You can set the chance to find rare units in game settings ('none' is also an option).

4.8 - Auto-production

You can set a unit to auto-produce in the City menu or Country menu. Whenever you have available units, this unit will be built (provided you have enough money). City lists in the country menu and the Cities menu ('star' in the top toolbar) show available units or auto-produced unit. Clicking on the unit icon will cancel the auto-production.

There's also an auto-production tab in the Cities menu, where you can cancel all auto-production, put it on hold or execute all orders.

4.9 - Coalitions

What do Coalitions do?
They organize players into groups, giving each their own private forum (with own mods), in-game chat channel and a panel displaying all members (and who's online).

How to start a Coalition?
Starting a Coalition costs 10000 SP. It will be more expensive in the future, so we advise you to use the current opportunity. Go here and fill the simple form. That's basically it.

Joining, applying and inviting
Coalitions can be Free for all, Applications-only or Invitations-only. First one anyone can join, in the second players need to apply for membership (which will be approved/rejected by the Coalition), and in the third membership is by invitations only.

To join a Coalition, visit their page (ex.: http://afterwind.com/cln/cln.php?cln_id=4) and click either 'Join coalition' or 'Apply for membership' under the image, depending on their joining policy.

To invite people to your Coalition, visit their profile and click 'Invite to Coalition' under their avatar. Note that common members can only invite people to Free for all coalitions, otherwise only Leaders and Officers can send invites. You can also disable coalition invites in your settings, if you're not interested.

Leaders, Officers and Founders
Officers have permissions to invite members, apply/reject applications, kick members out and moderate the forum.
Leaders have additional permissions to edit the coalition page and assign/demote Officers.
Founder has additional permission to demote Leaders.

Each player can be a member of only one Coalition (although you can quit it and join another one whenever you like).

4.10 - Coalition Wars

Coalition Wars (CW) is a kind of team game, where instead of teams you have Coalitions. Only two coalitions can participate, minimum 3 players on each side, and a Leader or an Officer must be present on each side. Coalition war game has to be created by a Leader of an Officer in the Coalition Wars room.

Elo rating
Similar to duels, there's a Total Elo rating and Season Elo rating. During a Colition war game the winning coalition will gain Elo and the losing coalition will lose the same amount. The amount depends on the difference between the coalitions' Elo ratings.

Seasons correspond to the year's seasons: Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn. Winter season starts on the 1st of December, Spring on the 1st of March and so on. Season Elo is reset to 1000 in the beginning of each season (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn). The coalitions are then ranked according to the games they played during the season and the Season Elo rating.

Please be warned that there will be a harsh penalty for trying to exploit the Elo system (creating dummy Coalitions and farming Elo).

4.11 - Contacts menu

Contacts menu lists your Friends, Coalition members, Enemies and Ignored players. To open it, click on the button to the left of the chat box.

Hover the mouse on player's name in the contacts menu or anywhere else in the game to see some additional information - Coalition, avatar, reputation. There you will also find buttons to add the player to friends/enemies, ignore him or give +reputation.

4.12 - Duels and Elo

Similarly to Coalition Wars, you can challenge other players to a Duel during a game. The Duel button is located in the Players menu, next to the Diplomacy buttons. The rules are simple - the first player eliminated from the game loses the duel. If both are eliminated in the same turn or both win the game, duel is cancelled.

Elo is the competitive rating system. In the beginning, everyone has 1000 Elo points, which then go up or down depending on how well you do in the duels.

Elo gained/lost in a duel depends on the difference between the Elo ratings of the opponents.

Season Elo is reset to 1000 in the beginning of each season (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn).

Minimum rank to participate in a Duel is 2. Latest duels are shown in player profiles.


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