Coalition forums

Coalition wars
For arranging/discussing Coalition vs Coalition games
Looking for a Coalition to join? Want to promote your Coalition?

atWar forums

General discussion
Any atWar-related talk that doesn't fit into more specific forums
Developer's Corner
Development updates / blog
Weekly Events
Weekly Events
Ideas and suggestions
You suggest, we think about it, then possibly put it into the game!
Got questions? We (or fellow players) can help!
Game strategy and tips
Bestow your wisdom upon the less fortunate ones
Game strategy and tips - Expansions
Bestow your wisdom upon the less fortunate ones
News and blog posts
Comments for the announcements, news and blog posts here
Everything you need to know before putting your Elo on the line.
For discussing and organizing the tournaments
Post your atWar-related videos here
Casual Games
Advertise your games here. Once the late join turn has passed, please delete your post.
Feedback polls
We ask stuff, you tick the box. Really simple.
Nasty little things crawling out of every hole, bring them here!

Maps and scenarios

Custom maps
Map-making and other custom map related things
For discussing scenario-making and scenario games
Show off your maps and scenarios
Custom Maps/Scenarios Awards
Competition for the best Custom Maps/Scenarios

Other forums

Banlist Appeals
If you were banned by a mapmaker from playing on their map's, appeal here.
Moderation Actions: Open Discussions
Ever wonder why moderators make the decisions they do? Should they change something?
Anything not related to atWar
Promotional Pages
New deals, enlist as a helper and general atWar info
Forum Games

International forums

Portuguese Forum
Lust auf Deutsch?
Hier kann man alles auf Deutsch quatschen
Türkçe Forum
Türkçe mesajlarınızı burada paylaşabilirsiniz
تستطيع وضع مواضيع بالعربية هنا
Foro Español
Aquí puedes publicar temas en español
Forum francophone
Ici, vous pouvez écrire en français
Русский форум
Вы можете говорить по-русски здесь
Nederlands Forum
Hier kan je Nederlands praten
פורום ישראלי
כאן תוכלו להתכתב בעברית
Balkanski Forum
Српски Форум
Help translating atWar to every language in the world
Malay Forum
Urdu Forum
Svenska Forum

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