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Table of Contents:
Section 1: atWar News & Updates
Section 2: Clan Wars Report
Section 3: atWar Gossip

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atWar News & Updates
A lot has been happening to atWar this week. To start this off, Ivan has made some controversial updates to strategies on Laochra's initiative. There has been changes to the strategies: Sky Menace, Naval Commander and Relentless Attack. Anti Aircraft and Helicopters also got changed a bit. There were many mix responses to these changes, many of them being negative.

In other news, Ivan has also introduced a new moderator hiring system. Ordinary players now get a say on who they believe should be a moderator. Ivan will then look at the nominations with the most upvotes and then will take their names and discuss them with Amok and the other moderators. This is great news as it hints that new moderators will be picked soon, which is what this game needs considering the lack of activity of our current moderators.

And lastly, Crow has been appointed as Supporter group leader! The supporter group has been transformed and we're doing everything in our power to help atWar for the better. More supporters will be added in the future.

Clan Wars Report
Just a few days into the final month of the winter season here in the game of atWar. Aristokrats holds a decent lead going into the final stretch, with an impressive 61-19 record. They look to win a third straight clan war title. Illyria and Vibes were in a close battle for second place during the night, but Vibes fell to sixth late in the week. Epic Clan moved into podium position with a solid week while Mystics is looking for a repeat of last season's final month run to the podium.The clan in fourth place; The Bermuda Triangle, has only played 4 games this season. If they become active, they would become a tough match for any clan to face. It should be an interesting final season, one that nobody should miss. Now let's analyze the matchups each of the top 10 teams have played in the past week.

Place 10: Killer Instinct (1-1)
- No clan war activity for the casual CW clan.

Place 9: The Immortals (19-18)
- A push from the Immortals clan this week, bringing them into the top 10.

Games This Week:
Vs Commando Legion 2 times going 2-0
Vs SP Police 1 time going 0-1
Vs Vibes 1 time going 0-1
Vs Illyria 2 times going 1-1
Vs Epic Clan 2 times going 1-1

Place 8: Mortal Kombat (9-7)
- Mortal Kombat looks to be inactive for the rest of the season, with only two members active in the past week.

Place 7: Ionia (1-0)
- Ionia sits in 7th place, despite only playing one game this season. This is a different look for the clan, which went 60-45 last season and took third place.

Games This Week:

Place 6: Place 6: Vibes (94-90)
- This clan was in a tough battle for second place with Illyria through the week. However later in the week they fell to 6th place.

Games This Week:
vs Illyria 18 times going 8-10
vs Mystics 3 times going 2-1
vs Intoxicated 3 times going 3-0
vs Aristocrats 3 times going 1-2
vs Epic Clan 3 time going 0-3
vs SP Police 1 time going 1-0
vs The Immortals 1 time going 1-0
vs The Bermuda Triangle 1 time going 0-1

Place 5: Mystics (15-15)
- Mystics has sprung alive in the past two weeks, playing 18 of their 26 games during this period. They look to be making another run at the podium, as they did last season when they took second place with a 24-9 record.

Games This Week:
vs Intoxicated 1 time going 0-1
vs Vibes 3 times going 1-2
vs XxElite MercenaryxX 1 time going 1-0
vs Commando Legion 2 times going 2-0
vs Illyria 4 times going 1-3

Place 4: The Bermuda Triangle (3-0) 1034.4 Elo
- One game this week, but still in the hunt.

Games This Week:
vs Vibes 1 time going 1-0


Place 3: Epic Clan (23-16)
- Epic Clan is looking to place in a podium spot yet again, with a strong performance this week, only losing one game.

Games This Week:
vs Vibes 3 times going 3-0
vs The Immortals 2 times going 1-1
vs Illyria 1 time going 1-0

Place 2: Illyria (50-39)
- This clan is battling for 2nd, as mentioned earlier, with Vibes. They too played many games this week.

Games This Week:
vs Vibes 18 times going 10-8
vs Mystics 4 times going 3-1
vs Commando Legion 3 times going 1-2
vs Aristocrats 4 times going 1-3
vs Intoxicated 2 times going 2-0
vs Epic Clan 1 time going 0-1

Place 1: Aristocrats (61-19) 1175.7 Elo
- This clan is battling to win its third straight clan war title, and shows no signs of slowing down, going 6-3 this past week.

Games This Week:
vs Vibes 3 times going 2-1
vs Illyria 4 times going 3-1
vs Commando Legion 1 time going 1-0
vs The Immortals 1 time going 0-1

atWar Gossip
For our first number of "The AtWar Press", we decided to talk about some modern and some older gossiping.
The newest gossiping is from player called Nations vs NWO!
What is going to happen with AtWar? Conspiracy theory from this player isn't something we could not expect. He is well known by his funny statements and opinions before all this drama.

Nations vs NWO:
Написао There is Hope, 04.02.2017 at 08:31

Is this even the real Ivan? You want me to believe that after so many months of innactivity,game collapsing,ivan comes back all of a sudden,doesnt say nothing about map editor or server problems or game dying,totally ignores that,decides to add new supporters all of a sudden(half of mystics clan and ppl who never did nothing for the community) and demote old ones(like cold case and croat),and then after in just 2 days adds them he decides to add new moderators without letting no one know.Ahaaaaa.And all that started when HDrakon came back.All you dudes that you see a mods add post and u so blind to even sit and think why this is happening,and just propose,and even proposing shit ppl who dont worth being mod at all,like game had not more serious problems,seems like we solved them and now all we need in new mods and moderators....Wtf

Two hours haven't passed,, and our Administrator Ivan answered:
Написао Ivan, 04.02.2017 at 09:21

Yes, it's the real me. I cannot do anything about the editor or the server (as both are in Amok's domain), but I'm trying to do what I can in the limited time I have.

Ivan tells that he cannot do anything about Amok's domain in this game, but, as we all know:

Ivan is Amok, Amok is Ivan... conspiracies seem to be quite the trend this week.

If you thought that our gossiping this week ended, you are wrong! We've just got a screenshot from the coalition, SP Police:

Our reporters risked their life to get those screenshots, we can just think what is sitting deeply in it....

Is Sun Tzu part of SP Police secret agency? Is Sun Tzu alt of Amok and Ivan? Does this all mean that SP Police controls atWar?

Content: Crow, Mystical, Zenith
Formatting & Editing: Darkmace

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