• Lobby now has rooms - at the moment there are only two (Main/Beginners). Lobby chat is now separate for each room.

  • Since we now have quite a few games in the lobby, we decided to add filters - you can filter games by type (open/locked/private), Victory Condition, name and sort games by week, number of players and average rank.

  • We now have Moderators - you can recognize them in the game by the ~ sign before their names (Admins have *). The only rules we have for the chat are: don't spam, speak English and be polite to each other. Pretty simple and should be easy to follow for almost everyone. Mods will only deal with those who can't.

    Current Mods are: Guest14502, sificvoid, Cardinal. We'll add more shortly. The only powers Mods have at the moment are silencing people in the chat and kicking them (in extreme cases).

  • Global chat is now limited to 1 message per minute, to avoid spamming.

  • Bug with 'flying' naval units is fixed (similarly, land units shouldn't find themselves in the water anymore).

  • Players can be kicked in the Placement phase, before the first turn.

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    Купи премиум да би сакрио све рекламе.
    Коментари: 4   Посвећено од стране: 139 users
    26.01.2011 - 07:56
    Thanks a lot for the addition of filters, helps a lot when looking for an open game.
    Sanity, is for the weak.
    26.01.2011 - 09:01
    Great work it's a vast improvement.
    26.01.2011 - 13:52
    Good updates as always. It seems that the flying battleship issue isn't fixed yet though. I was chasing some bombers and my stack of 37 battleships ended up landlocked in the Scottish Highlands.
    27.01.2011 - 02:49
    This is great news, game gets better with every update

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