Map-related requests have been piling up for some time now. Now I finally found time to deal with them in one epic blow. Here are the changes:

New countries (with capitals):
Greenland ("100 additional cities" only)
South Sudan
Trinidad and Tobago
East Timor
Bahrain ("100 additional cities" only)
Cape Verde
Solomon Islands
Malta ("100 additional cities" only)
France: New Caledonia
French Guiana
The Bahamas

Most of these are small island nations - hopefully this will spice up some regions and make sea battles more interesting. French Guiana and Greenland are technically overseas territories, but I decided not to bother naming them "France: French Guiana" and "Denmark: Greenland", unlike New Caledonia. Just seemed better that way. Greenland is a sort of bonus country - it's only available in "whole world" with the "100 additional cities" settings.

One country removed: Kosovo. Personal feelings aside, the country hasn't been officially recognized (unlike South Sudan) and that's it. Now let's hope this won't become the entire focus of the update.

New cities (besides the new capitals):
Bilbao (Spain)
Palma (Spain) - 100+
Las Palmas (Spain) - 100+
Ponta Delgada (Portugal) - 100+
Funchal (Portugal) - 100+
Nashville (USA)
Birmingham (USA) - 100+
Billings (USA)
Fargo (USA)
Rio Branco (Brazil)
Cuiaba (Brazil)
Teresina (Brazil)
Palmas (Brazil)
Rio Gallegos (Argentina)
Smolensk (Russia)
Mackay (Australia)
Dunedin (New Zealand)
Quebec (Canada)
St. John's (Canada)

100+ = only with the "100 additional cities" settings.
A lot of these, again, are island cities. Others are filling the previously empty spaces.
Nantes and a couple of other cities and now visible without the "100 additional cities" settings.

Population adjusted in Paris and some Scandinavian cities, using the "metro" numbers - should boost up this rather boring region.

This update might screw up some scenarios - if so, I'm really sorry.


If a game doesn't load for you (gets stuck on Loading map), clean your Silverlight cache and reload:


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